What’s Egg Donation (Egg Transfer)

What’s Egg Donation (Egg Transfer)

Egg donation (egg transplantation) is the treatment with the best success rate and applies to women with no egg cells.

The donor is chosen according to her suitability for the mother. Physical looks and blood type needs to match the mothers and a health check is carried out. Transmission of IVF then begins.

During the IVF process development of the eggs (oocytes) will be detected and problems are solved give patients a chance of becoming a mother.

Egg Donation, was discovered and applied after women with complaints of early menopause and rare hereditary problems wanted a baby. It was then used on patients had poor egg production and those who advanced in age.

This practice also discovers different forms of infertility and wherever or not the womb is the problem.

The first egg donation used in IVF treatment was recorded being used in 1983. This trial ended up being a miscarriage, but later made a woman with poor egg development hold a pregnancy.

The donor has to to undergo tests to detect infectious genetic diseases, previous pregnancies and see if she is healthy enough to donate.

Egg donation, is the most sought after transplant used in IVF treatments in Cyprus.

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