What Is The Cause For Failures In IVF Treatments And Donor Transfers?

What Is The Cause For Failures In IVF Treatments And Donor Transfers?


It is very important for the egg and sperm to be collected and processed in a good sterile external environment. Almost all the materials used are imported from distant countries. In particular the medium (liquid mixtures)  and the environment for cell survival should be very sensitive. PH, oxygen concentration and, more importantly the medium should be bought within a cold chain.  The temperature of the incubator, humidity levels, gas concentration and hygiene are also vital. The amount of dust in the air will also effect chances of pregnancy. We have detected that change in atmosphere has an effect on pregnancy too. Each laboratory has to have staff who knows the process well. It is very important that staff attend problems with utmost urgency in the laboratory. It takes 15-20 years to develop a good embryologist. Experience is vital. A person who can attend problems that occur in the laboratory and detect issues early is essential for a good laboratory.

2-The Doctor

One of the most important elements of success in treatment is the doctor. Doctors errors are relatively easy to understand. For example, if an HSG (exceptions) has not been carried out before treatment, changes drug dose continuously, when eggs can not be collected from a patient with good egg reserve, can not detect thyroid hormones, does not prescribe pogesteron on the egg cracking day is ultimately doing wrong.  Also a doctor who does not take endometrium seriously, performs an unnecessary Hysteroscopy without checking with ultrasound and HSG, is also incorrect. Again, wrong drug selection, those who follow the old and obsolete protocols, and physicians who prescribe the timing and the dosage wrong on drugs is in absolute err. During my time as a physician, i have patients come to me from abroad, taking 12 Estrafems a day. They think this will increase the endometrium thickens. We have seen patients use this drug to expand their uterus when they have no issues with their uterus at all. Patients with endometriosis problems are using this treatment without the 3 month preparation period. This has adverse effects on the results. Our fellow physicians should not use the unnecessary pregnancy vaccine or the lymphoctye vaccine. Previously innovation adhesive Nesting (hatching), IVM, ROI technique was applied to patients but in time they have proven to have a negative effect on patients.

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