What Is Antisperm Antibodies (ASA)?

What Is Antisperm Antibodies (ASA)?

An anti-sperm antibody test looks for special proteins (antibodies) that fights against a mans sperm in blood, vaginal fluids and semen. The antibodies can damage or kill sperm. If a high number of sperm antibodies come into contact with a mans sperm, it may be hard for the sperm to fertilize an egg. A man can make sperm antibodies when his sperm come into contact with his immune system. This can happen when the testicles are injured or after surgeries (such as biopsy or vasectomy) or after a prostate gland infection. A woman can have an allergic reaction to her partners semen and make sperm antibodies.

1-What is an anti-sperm antibody (ASA) test good for?

In the recent studies we have discovered that the majority population are immune to this disease but it doesn’t cause infertility. We agree with this matter.

2- If positive, how is it treated?

There is no need for any treatment.

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