The Use Of Progesterone In IVF

The Use Of Progesterone In IVF

The use progesterone begins on the day of egg collection and continues till the 12th week of pregnancy. No one actually knows why it is used till the 12th week, it has just become a tradition. Human physiologist have discovered that progesterone helps the placenta with preparations in 15 days. When tested on animals, some species of monkeys gave the same results.

After the embryo transfer do you continue with progesterone?

Close to 90% of IVF clinics around the world are using this medicine 9 weeks after the embryo transfer. We have been using exactly the same method in our clinic for 18 years. The period of progesterone intake is a question we’ve been asking to ourselves for many years. We are yet to find out the correct answer, although their has been many studies carried out. However, these days we know the answer. With the recent studies carried out in England, which has been made over the past 5 years, we now know the answer. We owe Dr. Qazvin and Dr.Kingsland. These results provide us with information that will stop patients from taking unnecessary amounts of progesterone. After the embryo is transferred, taking progesterone 2-9 weeks will not affect the pregnancy. In other words, using progesterone for the first 6 weeks of pregnancy and those who use it till the 12th week of pregnancy doesn’t cause miscarriages. Since this information was published and released on 17.08.2014, the use of vaginal progesterone is withdrawn at the end of the 6th week of pregnancy. So an extra 42 days of drug use turmoil is ended. It is financially effective as well.

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