The Importance Of Babys Sex in History And Now

The Importance Of Babys Sex in History And Now

We primarily want our baby to be born healthy but nevertheless we want to determine the sex of our baby. We can not be sure of the sex of the baby before they are born. But the baby’s sex has always been a curiosity during pregnancy. Therefore the Greek, Egyptian, and the ancient Chinese have always been searching for formulas to predict the baby’s gender from years ago.

Sex determination circulating from ear to ear a lot of people associated with the fictitious stories, superstition and magic is said to be used to determine the sex of their baby. Unfortunately these sort of jugglers are still exist in our society today. Some even claim the methods they are using are much better and effective then science and technology. Most of the hopeless and poor families fall for their tricks in hope to become parents. However, none of the methods mentioned above have proven validity.

Determination of the sex has become possible scientifically by separating the Y chromosome from the X chromosome, since the 1970s. Since then it has been possible for families to choose the gender of their baby.

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