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Transplantation of Sperm (Sperm Donation)

Sperm donation (sperm transfer) is the name given to those who wish to become pregnant but cant due to the male not providing enough or good quality sperm and therefore sperm is collected from sperm banks and fertilized with mothers egg. For nearly 100 years sperm donation has been [...]


Cost And Information About Sperm Transfer

Sperm donation (sperm transfer) is banned in Turkey and in many other countries, therefore couples from around the World choose to visit Cyprus for this treatment. Some of the other reasons for Cyprus being the number one destination for treatment are, cheaper rates, no passport needed, and a peaceful holiday. We offer sperm [...]


Now Theres Hope Thanks To Egg And Sperm Donation

Lutfiye Altay longed for a child for years… then became a mother when her sister donated her egg to her. Although people around her criticized this situation, the family was delighted with their newborn.Hasan and Husein Altay babies belong to 3 parents. Yes, you haven’t read wrong, they are the children [...]