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Sperm Donation Steps

Sperm Donation Steps; Men with insufficient sperm quality, numbness and mobility are unlikely to have children. Most males can not have a baby or reproduce because of serious problems like infertility. Sperm donation therapy can be applied to sperm failure so couples are able to have children. Briefly, sperm donation is the method [...]


Male infertility , low sperm count, causes and treatments

About 35-40% of the issues among couples are caused by infertile conditions in male nowadays. There are a number of treatment options available for male infertility.   The sperm must be healthy and strong to reach the egg and fertilise. A man’s semen can say a lot about his health. [...]


What are the most common causes of Infertility?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), infertility is a social disease. Based on the estimate data, on average every tenth couple in the world has problems with conceiving a child. With regular sexual intercourses, 84% women get pregnant in the first year, and 92% in total after 2 years. [...]