This surrogacy program has been conducted by a very experienced and successful team lead by Dr Tekin who has run over 22000 cycles in his career. We believe that a reliable and positive approach results in healthy and successful outcomes. As Crown IVF we strongly support the LGBT community using their colorful flag.

For known gamete donor and surrogate matching we are honored to serve with gay-friendly surrogates and donors which is also available anonymously.

The surrogacy process is emotionally and professionally handled by our clinic. At Crown IVF surrogacy, we would happily answer any questions or concerns you may have and we have over 16 years of experience and professionalism to support you throughout all procedures with confidence every step of the way.

What makes Crown IVF different is that we are the only fertility, Gynecology and Obstetrics Centre to offer all kinds of surrogacy solutions and services under one roof for two different countries laws. (Single parenting, same sex parenting, and surrogacy with Gender selection on ICSI procedures. Gametes and embryo donation). Unlike other countries, surrogacy in North Cyprus is legal and acceptable even if you are not a married couple. There is also no need to prove that you can not carry a child to proceed with surrogacy.
The package includes;

  • Selection of the surrogate mother,
  • Actual and hidden costs (Medication, food, vaccines, accommodation, medical fees, transportation.
  • Compensation for academic, social, pregnancy complications, physical and mental issues and intellectual deprivation.
  • Safety and reliability of egg, sperm and donor gametes recruitment, embryo transfer.
  • Surrogate rights, life quality, tests, reliability and prevention of abuse.
  • Quality and reliability of the follow up procedures during pregnancy.
  • What nationality/status your child will have (and following from this, what passport/travel papers they will need to cross the borders).We provide a very strongly managed service supporting recipients, surrogates and gamete donors.


Crown IVF Centre’s legal team ensures that your legal rights of parenting are affirmed and guaranteed. Whether you obtain a second-parent adoption, judgment of paternity/maternity, or custody orders, we are here to guide you and find solutions that protect your family. In addition to our years of experience working with same-sex couples, we continue to monitor legal and procedural developments around the world that affect all of our LGBT intended parents pursuing surrogacy.

Surrogate Screening and Selection –Acceptance into our program will require the following;
1. An emotional assessment by our counselors, a psychological assessment and an IQ test.
2. Candidate surrogates undergo a thorough criminal record check via our Law Office.
3. Hysterosalpingography intervention.(To assure visualization of fallopian tubes and uterine cavity)
4. Endometrial lining measurement on the 2nd. half of the cycle of the surrogate for implantation success.
5. Screening for serological tests.
6. CBC and coagulation tests.
7. As a precaution we exclude nulliparas – women who have never given birth as they are prone to get into sentimental bounds with the babies or grow emotionally attached.
8. Alcohol (ethanol) and toxicology testing for drug misuse such as the following;

  • Amphetamines
  • Antidepressants
  • Barbiturates and hypnotics
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)
  • Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
  • Marijuana
  • Narcotics
  • Non-narcotic pain medicines including acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • PCP
  • Phenothiazines (antipsychotic or tranquilizing medications)
  • Prescription medications, any type

9. BMI body mass index of the surrogate and gamete donors is a very important aspect for success. Anyone with a BMI over 27 is not accepted. As the result of 16 years of experience, we provide full nutritional and medical ssistance, accommodation needs, support and surveillance to the surrogates in our comfortable facilities in Famagusta Cyprus.
For religious beliefs we have sexually inactive surrogates available.


Known donor eggs. (Non-Anonymous)
This is where a known person or relative of the Intended parents donate eggs in an IVF Centre. In TRNC it is rare to find donors that want to expose their identity.

Anonymous donor eggs.
According to TRNC laws for all cases, children born through egg donation have no legal right to receive information about the egg donor when they turn 18.

        Introduction – Recruitment of the information for the recipient(s) (parent or parents)

  • With male partners (gay) sperm may be used from one or the other partner or, both partners can provide a sample where 2 embryos are made and transferred.
  • It is possible to use sperm from a sperm bank. This option is usually used by lesbian couples.
  • Same sex parents’ babies may only have one parents name on the birth certificate. İt is only legal in cases of multiples births where both parents’ names can be used and in that case, it is one name for one child and the other for the other child. 2 fathers/mothers names can’t be on the birth certificate at the same time as this has not yet been legalized.

Intended parents (IPs) should be encouraged to do as much research as possible before they select a surrogacy organization.

Male Testing
Serological analysis for STD’s
Sperm count – In case of Teratospermia (Morphological abnormalities) Karyotyping,Sperm FISH, Y Deletion test.
In case of Oligospermia,Testicular sperm extraction will be conducted.
CBC and coagulation tests must be done.
For bank sperm all the tests obtained by the company will be transmitted to our clinic.



Female Testing For Gamete Providers
1. Serological analyses for STD’s
2. CBC and coagulation tests.
3. Emotional assessment by our counselors, psychological assessment.
4. IQ test
5. Assessment of ovarian reserve by Tv USG (If Antral follicle count is less than 5, the success rate will be very low independent of the recruiting persons age).
6. For egg donors genetic screening (Cystic Fibrosis,Karyotyping,Hb Electrophoresis) and Toxicology tests will be provided.
7. Thyroid hormones and Thyroid Antibodies.

On the 21st day of the cycle, the surrogate mother’s natural hormones are “down regulated” with hormone medication such as GnRh Analogs.

In a maximum of twelve days down regulation of the surrogate mother will be confirmed by a vaginal bleeding and Estradiol level which will be less than 50ng/ml By repeating this medicine we can prolong waiting time for the surrogate mother for as long as necessary.

The egg provider or donor will commence their ovarian stimulation protocols when they are ready according to the medication protocols. To boost egg production, this can be Day 2-3 or Day 21 of the cycle.

Ovarian stimulation and preparation of the follicles takes around 10-11 days and oocyte pick-up (collection) happens around +_ 1day of Day 14.

It is easy to prepare the surrogate mother. The treatment starts with daily estrogen use to build up the lining of her uterus.

Collected eggs are fertilized with the sperm provided.

Two to five days later up to two embryos are placed into the uterus of the Surrogate Mother. Any remaining embryos that are of suitable to survivable quality will be frozen for use, if needed, for future use.

In ten to twelve days after the embryo transfer, pregnancy may be confirmed by doing a urine or blood test.
In seven days you may see the gestational sac by trans-abdominal ultrasound scan.

In case of failure of pregnancy the Surrogate mother will be informed to stop all medication .If we have some frozen embryos you should be offered (all parties decide to try an alternative embryo transfer), you will not need to wait for at least another month before treatment you can continue. If there is no frozen embryo we wait at least one cycle before we commence another stimulation of ovaries.