Pregnancy After Menopause Is No Longer A Dream

Pregnancy After Menopause Is No Longer A Dream

How to become a mother after the age of 50 ?
With the latest technology in IVF, women are possible to become pregnant at any age. Even a 90 year old has a chance of becoming pregnant. The reason for this is the never aging cervix. Even if you freeze your eggs at the age of 25, you can still become pregnant later when your 80.
Till this day Dr. Halil İbrahim Tekin, has made 70 women over the age 50 become mothers.
This is how he answered your questions about pregnancy after menopause;
Is there an age limit for pregnancy? What’s the oldest age you can conceive at?
Women at any age can conceive. My latest patient is 60 and is expecting twins.
You can become a mother at any age

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  • Abdel Reply

    Hello Dr
    I m from morocco I m man 43 y old I have 0 spermat is any way to have baby plz let me know

    20/05/2016 at 11:08

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