Now Theres Hope Thanks To Egg And Sperm Donation

Now Theres Hope Thanks To Egg And Sperm Donation

Lutfiye Altay longed for a child for years… then became a mother when her sister donated her egg to her. Although people around her criticized this situation, the family was delighted with their newborn.Hasan and Husein Altay babies belong to 3 parents. Yes, you haven’t read wrong, they are the children of the father, the aunt and the mother who carried them for 8 months. The aunt who donated the eggs to her sister, wishes to withheld her identity. The aunt says, she treats the little twins like cousins instead, not like a mother.


Even if it seems a bit complicated, technology in science today makes egg and sperm transplant possible. In America, England and Greece this treatment is defined by law. But in Turkey it is not allowed at all. However, as more and more families request and desire the opportunity of becoming parents, the law seems unstoppable. Families from Turkey are now travelling to Greece and TRNC to purchase eggs/sperm.

Just like this couple,Omer and Lütfiye Altay. They have spent all their savings on treatments to become parents. They live on 350 lira’s per month. When Omer was made redundant from his job of 10 years, they sold their gold, collected their savings they have made over the years and went to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus to transfer the egg collected from her sister. end. In fact, they were terribly criticized by their relatives. But they still went ahead and explained the whole process and they’re experience to the Turkish paper SABAH.

Dr. Halil Ibrahim Tekin was the person who made this lovely family parents. He adds that there is a lot of patients like this in Turkey, but can not be applied due to the legislation. Families from Turkey may come to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus for treatment and return to their own country to give birth.



The biggest demand for the transplant is received from Turkey, Germany and England. The cost off egg transplantation in Cyprus is around 4500 dollars.

Eggs donations are received, but sperms are requested from sperm banks in Europe. “we have to apply to sperm banks from Europe as requested because we do not have our own sperm bank yet” says Dr Halil Ibrahim Tekin.

The law stated in Cyprus, allows egg and sperm donations, but is still unsure about surrogacy. Apart from Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes and Athens get a lot of contact regarding the treatment. These centers are particularly trying to attract Turkish patients.

Families are willing to sacrifice anything for a baby. No matter what their financial situation is. Throughout Turkey their are 40 centers and the prices start from 800 TL up to 4 thousand dollars. Families take out loans or spend all their savings in order to become parents via IVF.


Apart from private clinics in Turkey, their are other facilities like local or university hospitals.Except the social security hospitals, which are free of charge for citizens. First IVF treatments started at Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara and Istanbul, and have reasonable prices starting from $500.

Some IVF centers often arrange special credit facilities with banks for the family’s treatment. Sometimes it’s possible to make payments in installments. President of Irenb IVF Center Israel Aruch, centers says they apply Yapi Kredi card installments. They have made arrangements with Yapi Kredi bank so the patients can repay the costs in an 18 month period. until they have paid the loan adds. Denizbank, Garanti Bank, Credit Koçbank and Turkey Isbank  are also available to offer help to families who want to have IVF treatments.

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