Espoir pour les femmes infertiles

Espoir pour les femmes infertiles

Les femmes qui subissent une ménopause précoce ou celles qui ont des maladies graves comme le cancer et qui ne peuvent pas produire d’ovules peuvent devenir des parents avec ce processus.

  Le Dr Halil Ibrahim Tekin, directeur du Centre de FIV de Chypre, a répondu à vos questions.

Qui est médicalement impossible d’être mère?

Les femmes sans utérus et ovaires peuvent not become mothers. But those with either one of can. For example, if you don’t have a womb, you could chose to have a surrogate mother and if you cant produce eggs, then you may have an egg transplant.

What is the ideal age to be a mother?

I think its 30-32. Because women are psychologically mature at this age. In addition, their studies or career plans in life would be settled by then. But your body is more compatible to bare a child at a younger age like 21. Later, the body goes into a downtrend.

When is it late for motherhood?

There has been cases where I made advanced age women become mothers, for example a 64 year old. But I usually don’t recommend anyone that has passed the age of 40.

What is egg donation?

When there is no eggs produced then this comes as the last resort for women who want pregnancy. Egg donation application. Men without testicular sperm in the semen can also become parents. The eggs obtained from another woman is then fertilized with fathers sperm or donated sperm in the laboratory. After the embryo is created it is replaced into mothers womb.

Which cases apply?

  • For those who go into early menopause and women who can not produce eggs. Women which had their ovaries removed as a result of Endometriosis, infection or cancer.
  • Females with non functioned ovaries who carry genetic disorders like, Turner’s syndrome.
  • For women who don’t respond to the egg developer drug.
  • Those with genetic illnesses who don’t want to pass on to their children. (hemophilia, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, such as Huntington’s chorea).
  • Women who had recurrent miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities.
  • For those with low quality eggs reserves and women with repeated failed IVF attempts.
  • advanced aged women which have non-functioning ovaries due to menopause

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How are donors chosen?

It can be in various forms. Patients can have eggs delivered from America at a very high cost.. Or we can provide the egg donor. 90% of patients want to help us in finding donors. We contact Denmark or America agencies to request eggs. We’re getting eggs from agencies in the United States or Denmark. 10% of patients receive eggs from their next of kin. Eggs should be from healthy people aged between 21-33, or those who have already given birth to healthy children.

What tests are done for the egg donors?

The initial test will be for the chromosomes and genetic screening. Then a separate screening is carried out for cystic fibrosis., HIV, hepatitis, syphilis (syphilis) and chlamydia is also tested. Family history of illnesses is checked too. Psychological tests are also carried out on patients.

How is the receiver prepared for transfer?

There is many misconceptions about egg donation. İt is thought to be given as a whole to the patient. What is taken is an egg in the cell structure. The donor undergoes a standard IVF treatment, the eggs are collected, then fertilized with the receivers partners sperm then transferred into the already prepared receiver. The preparation of the uterus before the transplant is very important and requires careful monitoring. The coordination between the receiver and the donor is also of importance.

İn which countries is donating allowed?

Cyprus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, USA, Canada, Iran,and in Spain this process is legal. But the British do not have this process in their country. Because the identity of the egg and sperm donor in the UK is given out. As the child reaches the age of 18, they are allowed by legal rights to find their biological parents. Therefore 75% of the British go abroad for IVF treatment so that they wont come across this situation in the future.

What is the cost of the donation process?

4 thousand 500 euros

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