In recent years the egg (oocyte) freezing has been a popular choice for those who have health problems, has career plans and their if current lifestyle is not suitable.

So what is the eggs (oocytes) freezing process like?

Egg freezing is done by stimulating the woman’s ovaries and collecting the appropriate eggs to be frozen.

The frozen eggs can be stored for many years. No matter what the age of the woman is, the eggs will still stay at the age of the collection date. Therefore it is a suitable treatment for women considering pregnancy at an advanced. The eggs then will be thawed to be used when pregnancy is needed.

Specialist physician Halil Ibrahim Tekin uses a system called vitrification, which a faster method to freeze eggs and cause less damage up to 5-10%. In addition, Dr. Halil Ibrahim confirms that this method can also give more successful pregnancy rates when the egg is thawed.

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