FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do you need bed rest after embryo transfer?

No. We advise patients to keep active but avoid heavy lifting.


How long do I have to wait to perform a pregnancy test?

You will find out the result 12 days after the embryo transfer.


How long do I have to wait for my next embryo transfer if the first one fails?

We recommend at least 2 months between cycles.


Do I continue with medication after a positive pregnancy result?

Yes. Patients have to follow the medication protocol given by their nurses.


How soon after embryo transfer is it safe  to fly?

Flying is totally safe after you had your embryos transferred, even if it’s the same day.


Is it ok to eat and drink before the embryo transfer?

Eating and drinking is permitted before your transfer.


Is egg collection performed under anesthesia?

Yes it is. Therefore you are advised to refrain from eating and drinking from 6 hours prior to your operation time.


How is the embryo transfer procedure done?

This is a simple procedure similar to a smear test aided by ultrasound, therefore you can watch your embryos being transferred.


Is the embryo transfer painful?

No. But you might feel slightly uncomfortable due to a semi full bladder.


Do I have to watch my diet after the embryo transfer?

Yes. Your nurse will give you a dietary sheet which outlines what you should and shouldn’t consume.