Donation Of Sperm (Sperm Transplantation) How Is It Applied?

Donation Of Sperm (Sperm Transplantation) How Is It Applied?

Before the sperm transplant takes place, the recipient needs to undergo certain tests for suitability. After the results are received couples are then informed about the donor information and the transplant. The next process is the same as IVF treatment and vaccination methods. If the test results don’t show a blockage in the females tubes then the sperm transplant takes place. The success rate is 20%. Another option is the standard IVF treatment. Egg is fertilized with the sperm chosen from the sperm bank under micro-injection. The appropriate embryo obtained will then be replaced into the mothers womb and the rest of the embryos may be frozen. The success rate for pregnancy via this method is much higher. We are working in conjunction with Cryos sperm bank in Denmark because by law having sperm banks in Cyprus is illegal. Certificates are also provided to patients who choose donors from Cryos. They are biggest, oldest and most reliable sperm bank in the World.

Donors heritage, physical and mental health problems, sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases are tested. Their ages should be between 18-30. Couples can then decide which physical appearance they would like i.e  blood group, height, complexion, eye color and weight.

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