Diet In Ivf

Diet In Ivf

Experts emphasize that people lose weight if diet pattern is personalized.

Scientists believe that failure to comply with the regime is not only due to lack of willpower its also human genetics, hormones and their psychological situation.

In a study done by scientists at Oxford and Cambridge university, have discovered that (carried out on 75 people for 3 months) the traditional standard diet is not suitable for everyone. But can lose weight more effectively if you personalized diet.

3 types of people have been discovered with bad eating habits.

1-people which start eating but cant stop
2-feeling hungry continuously
3-eating from stress or anger

Hormones play a very important role with these eating habits. As the food digested travels to the intestines, the hormones then send a message via blood to the brain and let it know its full. Because this hormone is secreted least in some people, they can not feel satisfied. Those who like to binge eat, are often digesting fatty and sugary snacks. These types of snacks trick the brain to consume more.

Emotional eaters want to eat something when they feel stress or tension. The brain realizes that the body is under tension triggers the body for changes. For example, it accelerates the heartbeat. This situation is very hard to deal with because the brain wants to be rewarded under stress.

In general, people think dieting is about self control, but in reality its about our eating habits.

Scientists recommend high protein and low-glycemic diets. These can be found in: chicken, fish, lentils, basmati rice, multi-grained foods, bread and potatoes. They will help you stay full for a longer period.

People who constantly snack because they can not diet for 7 days,  can also consume 800 calories in 2 days so they can get even. This method is a fast and effective way to burn fat.

Emotional eater, Alison Vaughan, went on a personalized diet for 12 weeks and lost 19,5 kilos. As her weight began to descend Alison’s confidence boosted. She believes its very important to get support from the people around.

Eating slow, having breakfast and consuming soup is recommended because it keeps you fuller for longer. Scientists warn that tiredness and unhealthy eating causes weight gain. Exercising and sports can help you lose weight, but your diet is the most important thing.

One of the biggest myths is that women can not lose weight due to their slow metabolism. The conversion of energy from your nutrients, really depend on your age, sex and weight. People think that overweight women metabolism is slow, but overweight person’s metabolism runs faster due to the fact that their heart and lungs is greater than a slim persons.

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