Cost And Information About Sperm Transfer

Cost And Information About Sperm Transfer

Sperm donation (sperm transfer) is banned in Turkey and in many other countries, therefore couples from around the World choose to visit Cyprus for this treatment. Some of the other reasons for Cyprus being the number one destination for treatment are, cheaper rates, no passport needed, and a peaceful holiday.

We offer sperm transfer here in our clinic too, and take pride with our results which the latest technology allows us to provide. Dr. Halil Ibrahim Tekin has helped many couples from around the World to extend their family.

Sperm donation (sperm transplant) prices depend on the centers in Cyprus, physician and varies according to the treatment provided. It can cost around 5000-10000 euros. Most clinics have different price ranges and packages available, which may include plane tickets, accommodation and transfer fees.

If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact our clinic for further information.

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