Les femmes peuvent-elles devenir enceintes après la ménopause?

Les femmes peuvent-elles devenir enceintes après la ménopause?

Bien sûr qu’ils peuvent. La ménopause ne vous empêche pas de devenir enceinte. Cela ne vous empêche que d’ovuler. En raison du col de l’utérus qui ne vieillit jamais, une femme qui est entrée en ménopause à l’âge de 25 et 50 ans a les mêmes chances de tomber enceinte. Même un col de 90 ans is suitable. If a 25 year old freezes her eggs, she may still become pregnant at the age of 80.
What’s the IVF success rate for advanced aged women?
The pregnancy success rate for under 40’s is 62%. For women over 40 this rate drops dramatically to 25% and even this rate is considered successful. As the technology in IVF rises women have a higher chance of becoming pregnant at any age.
What is infertility for advanced age?
As women age their potential to produce reduces rapidly. When does this exactly start? This question has been floating about for years. It is not known for sure but the eggs show less growth after the age of 35. Pregnancy with IVF treatments after the age of 40 is falling dramatically.
Why can’t women at an advanced age with normal menstrual cycle conceive?
There are two important factors with IVF treatments. The first is the eggs, and the second is the cervix where the fertile eggs will attach. The quality and the number of eggs depend on the age of the person. From the first day of your menstrual cycle there is a race between the eggs. Mire than one egg is warned and during the menstrual cycle one of those eggs will win and be fertile. Therefore as women age fewer eggs with high quality will survive.
Amount of egg reservation.
What is done for these patients during IVF?
Women who apply for IVF treatments after a certain age, have to undergo a variety of tests to find out the egg reserve. These tests and specially the number of follicles during the menstrual cycle will determine and tell us what our success rate and dosage in medicine is needed. Not all egg reserve tests gives us clear results on egg count. It’s a very important process that carries out in the laboratory for the eggs after the hormonal treatment. We don’t think the ‘PGT’ step is very important at the first stage of older women treatments. Even if pregnancy for over 35’s is successful we suggest amniocentesis to be carried out. Therefore PGD is not a practical or cheap method.

Parents after 24 years…
Gulizar and Abdullah Kaya have become parents at the age where they could of become grandparents. After waiting 24 years the couples now have twin boys Hakan and Gokhan, and want to add a baby girl to their family. Gulizar Kaya aged 49 went into menopause 2 years ago. The couple have been married for 24 years and always wanted a family. When they finally gave up on their dream, they became parents. Gulizar Kaya says ‘no matter what people say, technology in science allows you to be parents. She describes her feelings as ‘unbelievable’. Because of her failed treatments beforehand. And when she had her treatment in Cyprus for over aged women, she finally heard the word ‘positive’.

60 years old and wants a daughter too..
When Gulizar Kaya takes her boys on trips, people ask if they are her grandchildren. Kaya ‘it is with pride I say no they’re my sons. The couples with lots of life experience say, they are better parents because they’re mature. They add ‘believe me raising children is hard work, not knowing what you’ll be at your early 20’s. You shouldn’t try having a family, you should only try when your ready. God bestowed this upon us. And now want a little sister for the boys.

For older mums…
this blog explains mothering after menopause. Nowadays the age in parenting is getting older and science is looking for ways improve this. Women who think of career and and parenting are extending their age to become a mother. Therefore we’re researching the ways to get there. Dr. Halil İbrahim Tekin, who has made over 70 women pregnant after menopause, is explaining it all. The risk of over 50’s will be written on our next blog. The 51 year old Maria Kasparyan, now pregnant with twins will share her story. The record of over aged pregnancies is held in Romania. Romanian Adriana lliescu aged 66, who has claimed the title ‘world’s oldest mum’, has inspired many. On our third blog we will give more details on how lliescu had egg transfer done. On the fourth blog you will find a special diet program prepared by professionals, for pregnancy after menopause. And on the 5th day, you will find information of how mums after 50 prepare for their baby psychologically. This blog is for women over 50 who dream of cradling their baby….

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